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Lawn Seeding Cost Estimate Checklist

It is important that you get what you want.

Use our lawn seeding cost estimate checklist to evaluate or request proposals from seeding professionals.

Here is a checklist of items you may want to consider:

- Are they going to do a soils test to assure your soil has the proper pH?

- Will they be delivering additional top soil and if so, how many inches will they be spreading?

- Are they going to re-grade the area that is going to be seeded?

- What type of seed are they going to use and is the seed compatible with your growing zone (you can go to Lowes' "seed calculator" to see what types of seed are compatible in your growing zone).

- Is the seed they are using have any moisture retention characteristics (this may be a little more expensive but can improve the success rate).

- Are they applying any kind of grown agent?

- What time of year are they going to plant the seed (spring and fall are the best times, early fall is the best time to plant because your grass will have two full growing seasons before the hot summer).

- How are they going to top dress (protect) the seed once it is spread (hay, straw, mulch). Fine mulch is a good option.

- What seeding method are they using? Are they using a traditional method of spreading dry seed and covering it with straw or are they using a hydroseeding method.

- Are they going to guarantee that the grass will grow and what is the limit of their guarantee?

If you are interested in hiring a lawn seeding service, we can help. Learn more about hiring local services and get a free cost estimate.

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Free quote from local lawn seeding services.
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Free quote from local lawn seeding services.

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