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What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding (also known as hydraulic mulch seeding, hydromulching, or hydraseeding) is a mixture of seed, hydro-mulch, fertilizers, tackifers, and co-polymer gel that is sprayed onto the ground to grow grass, sod, and other forms of vegetation.

Hydroseeding material comes in the form of a slurry (a thick liquid mixture), is transported in a tank truck, and is sprayed over the ground using a hose or spray cannon.

Hydroseeding mixtures typically contain the following components:

Seed. Hydroseed can include one variety or several varieties of seed depending upon the use (growing lawn sod, growing grasses for erosion control, etc.).

Hydromulch. Hydromulch is the largest component of a hydroseeding mixture. Hydromulch material can include wood, cellulose fiber, or recycled paper. During the manufacturing process, the hydromulch is a thick paste that is used to coat the seed for protection. It helps to retain moisture, and protects the seed from sun and birds.

Fertilizer. Hydroseeding slurry can contain chemical or natural organic fertilizers (containing fish, kelp, and other nutrients) can be included in the mixture. These fertilizers will help the seed to grow and will continue to provide nutrients during the growing season.

Tackifer. Hydroseed can contains bonding agents, called tackifers, that help keep the hydroseeding mixture together. This is important for erosion control and for assuring that patchy areas do not result when seed washes away or ponds.

Polymer gel. These are agents that coat the seed and enhance water retention. Adding polymer gels to the hydroseeding slurry helps to reduce water requirements.

If you are interested in hiring a hydroseeding service, we can help. Learn more about hiring local services and get a free cost estimate.

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Free quotes from local hydroseeding services.

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